Are you looking for a new, unique bachelorette party idea? Peel and Play parties by Creative Seduction are the perfect way to celebrate your best friend’s, your sister’s, or even your own upcoming wedding. Unlike hiring a stripper or heading to the strip club for the bachelorette party, the future groom will encourage this party to take place! After this exciting party, you will have the tools to perform a seductive striptease routine.

Spring 2017 Update!
We have quite a few availabilities yet for this sprint, so please don't forget to check in with us! Peel and Play parties book fast, and 100% of our customers say they are thrilled with their decision to have strip tease lessons over a pole dancing party. Book with us now and have some fun!

That doesn't mean that last-minute requests can't be honored, since there are plenty of available spur-of-the-moment bachelorettes or girls' nights that get planned. Shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do!

If you don't have an exact location in mind, but are staying downtown, email me for my experiences with various suites across the Twin Cities and downtown Minneapolis. We've attended hundreds of bachelorette parties over the years, and would love to help make yours perfect.

Peel and Play sessions have reached the Twin Cities! Kim Johnson, owner of Creative Seduction, is teaching women in the Twin Cities / Minneapolis, MN area to take charge of their sensuality. This exciting task is being accomplished by teaching women the art of striptease in the privacy of their own home through home parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, workshops, and private lessons. Don't be tricked into a pole dancing class that ropes you into going back to master the skill, forces you to install a pole at home, and requires all your friends to meet at an inconvenient studio location!

These striptease class sessions are filled with fun and laughter as women are instructed, step-by-step, how to release their inhibitions and gain the confidence they need to fulfill their exotic fantasies. Dance is a wonderful way for people to express themselves; you can just let your body feel the music. Teaching women to dance sensually will not only allow them become more expressive and free in their sex lives, but will also give them added confidence to influence other areas of their life.

Check out our FAQ for answers to your common questions like 'why a striptease class over a pole dancing class', or 'what should I wear to an upcoming party'?